Hey Guys,

i have searched the net for a list of 80's metal b-sides, but have found nothing. So, i am trying to compile a list of 80's metal B-Sides and songs released on soundtracks, etc. by various bands (in other words, songs not found on the bands regular albums). If anyone knows of any that could be added to the list below, please email me at [email protected] with the band and song title (information on what single the B-side appears, or what soundtrack/compilation the song appears on would be great) Once i get the list at a decent
length, i will post it on my website.

What follows is a off the top of my head list of what i have. It is in no way authorotative nor complete


Borrowed Time

The Other Side (Matt Dike "Honky Tonk" Version)
The Other Side (Club Mix)
Theme From Wayne's World
Livin' on the Edge (Acoustic Version)
Livin' on the Edge (Demo)
Don't Stop (Previously Unreleased)
Can't Stop Messin' (Previously Unreleased)
Crazy (Orchestral)
Crazy (Acoustic)
Amazing (Orchestral)
Gotta Love it(LP Version)

Black Crowes
Darling of the Underground Press
Hard To Handle (Acoustic)
Jealous Again (Acoustic)
Remedy (Acoustic)

Bon Jovi
Mrs. Robinson
Never Say Goodbye (Live Acoustic)
We Can Dance

Danger Danger
Just What the Doctor Ordered

Back For The Attack
Deep Waters
Dream Warriors (Acoustic)
Flying High Again (Tribute To Ozzy)
From The Beginning
Hole In My Head
How Many Lives?
I Will Remember
If the Good Die Young (Great White recorded this one on If You Can't
Get There...)
Will The Sun Rise (Acoustic) From One Live Night?

Dream Theater

Tragic Comic
Hole Hearted (Horn Mix)

Faster Pussycat
Belted, Buckled and Booted
Too Tight (Previously Unreleased)
Charge Me Up (Previously Unreleased)

Afraid of the Dark

Great White
Analog Kid (Rush Tribute)
Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You (MTV Unplugged)
Bitches and Other Women
Burnin' House of Love
Desert Moon
Down at the Doctor
Face The Day (Chainsaw Edit)
Hey Bulldog (Jack Russell)
House of Broken Love (Live)
The Hunter (Previously Unreleased Studio)
Junk Funk (Herman Ze German & Friends)
Love is a Lie (Frank's Edit)
Love is a Lie (Milan Fade)
Love is a Lie (Ray's Fade)
Messin Around (Herman Ze German & Friends)
Move It (Live)
Need Your Love Tonight
Rock Me (The Short of it)
Same Old Song and Dance (Aerosmith Tribute)
Sin City (AC/DC Tribute)
Slow Ride
Somebody to Love
The Good Die Young (Japanese Bonus on Can't Get There...)
Train To Nowhere (Previously Unreleased Studio)
Wasted Rock Ranger
Who's Driving Your Plane

Open Invitation
When Will it Rain (Acoustic)
When Will it Rain (Record Company's Watered Down Version)
Walkin' Change (Previously Unreleased)

Lillian Axe
True Believer (Acoustic)
No Matter What (Acoustic)

Little Ceasar
Chain of Fools (Massive Attack Mix)
Chain of Fools (Instrumental)
Chain of Fools (Bonus Beats)

(Can't Live Without Your) Love and Affection (Acoustic)

Ozzy Osbourne
Mama, I'm Coming Home
Don't Blame Me (Previously Unreleased)
One Up The B-Side
Party With the Animals (Previously Unreleased)
No Place for Angels

Robert Plant
Ooompah (Watery Bint) (Previously Unreleased)

Every Rose Has It's Thorn (MTV Unplugged)
Something to Believe In (Acoustic-Alt. Lyrics)
Stand (Acoustic)

Skid Row
C'mon and Love Me
Little Wing
What You're Doing

Mama Don't You Cry (Full Remix)

Breakin the Chains (with Don Dokken)
Children's Heritage
Cotton Fields
I Ain't Superstitious
Last Action Hero
Rock the Nation
Run Run Run
The Ocean

Tora Tora
Dancing With a Gypsy

Blind Faith (Acoustic)
Don't Say Goodbye
Faraway Eyes
Heaven (Acoustic)
I Saw Red (Acoustic)
Nice & Slow
The Bitter Pill (Acoustic)
The Power
Thin Disguise
We Will Rock You
Wings of an Angel
Young Wild and Free

ZZ Top
Give it Up (2,800 Mile Remix Edit)
Give it Up (2,800 Mile Remix)
Give it Up ((2,800 Mile Dub)
Give it UP (D.O.R. Remix)